Thursday, February 23, 2012

Factual Feelings

While discussing with MU (of the besties fame) today about how sometimes your instinct tells you something and how you're very doubtful about certain situations (e.g whether you're reading the situations correctly or not) and then you have the brilliant idea to discuss it with your friend because you believe that'll give you the outsiders' perspective; so you do so. What you don't realize that it isn't a true outsider idea because your friend is gonna support you ( most cases), so what you get is a feeling which you now believe has turned into fact due to your friend's support. That is what usually messes us up so bad because then we're astounded as to why the situation didn't play out the way we wanted it to. 

What's the solution? This is according to what MU and I deduced 

Paying attention to the situation and may be checking what you would advise someone (unknown to you) in that same situation might help. I guess when we advise others, we're more logical so that should (technically) help you (and me) with whatever you (and I) are facing. I shall be testing it out from now on. Oh, and if you have an idea, lemme know by leaving a comment below... 

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