Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What Next?


Saad said...

As the said "Some Guy," I'd like to put some context to those words. Women are programmed to believe in the happily-ever-after (Thank you, Disney!) while men are looking out for instant gratification (Hello, porn!) Instant gratification means anything or anyone will do for now. Ever-After requires a Prince Charming. Or a roguishly charming pretty boy from those trashy romance novels. Neither of those people exist in Real Life.

You're Welcome! =D

Osama said...

pretty much relevant http://www.reddit.com/tb/iatxz

E.J.Mallal said...

"Women are programmed to believe in the happily-ever-after"

This gives me thought for what one of my friends (a guy) once said to me: 'women evaluate every guy on the husband scale' - not sure I agree cuz we do have an instinct for what would work for us so we usually don't need the scale....but yes, its true about disney (I just finished reading Cinderella Ate My Daughter so there is certainly an impact)

I think I'll do a post about that today...hmmm